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Caroline Chisholm School, Wooldale Centre for Learning

Wooldale Road, Wootton, NN4 6TP, Northampton, UK

E-Mail: [email protected]


Tel: 0776 2211 676 / 01604 647794

Welcome to our School's Website

At our Greek School, students aged four years and over study here. The children are mainly Greek and Greek-cypriot origin  from around the area of Northampton and other nearby areas.


The aim of our school is to teach children the Greek language, the Greek culture and history of Greece and Cyprus as well as making them more confident in speaking and writing in Greek.


The devoted and experienced, with academic knowledge educational teachers, approach the students by using modern teaching methods based on todays educational perseptions.


The educational effort is targeted towards the successful results in GCSE and A-Level exams, and especially to the preservation of the National, religious and cultural indetity of Greek and Greek-cypriot.


The adoption of this teaching method has as a purpose to develop the students' self-confindence and esteem and to improve the written and oral form of the Greek language.


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