Learn Some Greek

Learn some quick Greek words and phrases to improve your Greek.

English Word Greek Translation Pronounciation Sound
Hello Γειά σου Yia sou
Goodbye Αντίο Andio
Good Morning Καλή Μέρα Kali mera
Good Night Καλή Νύχτα Kali nihta
How are you? Πώς είσαι; Pos ise?
(I am) well (Είμαι) καλά (Ime) kala
I am not well Δεν είμαι καλά Then ime kala
Thank You Ευχαριστώ Efharisto
Please Παρακαλώ Parakalo
How old are you? Πόσο χρονών είσαι; Poso hronon ise?
(I am) 20 years old (Είμαι) 20 χρονών (Ime) 20 hronon

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